December 26th, 2008

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exedore learns that hell is made of aluminium ...

Selections from his running commentary on this:

6:40 - I know I'm mentally ill because this is almost amusing enough to be worthy of a single episode.

7:15 - Villain bangs on the door. I bet he'd like to bang this 16 year old boy. That would make a far more tolerable show.

7:40 - How the fuck are they going to make --wait, why are you asking someone what they're scared of when you talk like a paedophile and force your way into their home?

8:50 - There is a LOT of trying to get one's rape on in this series.

12:35 - OK, explosive diarrhea from anime acheived.

13:15 - Girl wants him to drink her every morning or else her existence is meaningless. Get a feminist movement, Japan.

13:37 - Guy is scared to drink girl. Aren't we all? And what happens when she's finally empty? I can kill one of those cans in 20 seconds.

14:50 - There's still six minutes left. Make it stop. MAKE IT STOP.

16:26 - I never thought I'd hear a girl say "drink me!" outside of hentai or
Deep Throat

18:32 - "Why did you save me? I'm just an empty can. Once I'm empty I'll be thrown away and scrapped!" - I wish she would be, this is fucking terrible.

Flocked and QWPed, context is actually made of steel.
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Another livejournal review of Twilight.

poxy_report is reviewing the novel Twilight. He is not enjoying it very much at all.


"Edward decides that the two should go on a hike so that he can show her what he looks like in the sun. These two have only gone on one "date" before, immediately after he rescued her from a group of not very nice men (they wanted to DO her. In the PANTS), and he spent the entire time commanding her to eat and drink. Anyhoo, this time he takes her to his "special place" where he steps out into the sun and...

Fucking Sparkles."

"It just seems very, very wrong to me that this "perfect predator", as he spends about half a chapter describing himself to be (arrogant bastard), would turn into a Christmas decoration whenever he gets struck by a bit of UV radiation."

"They all love her (except Rosalie, who was originally sired to be Edward's "life" partner. See what I did there?), and it turns out that Eddy-boy can play the piano and has already written Bella a song."

"I've been trying to avoid comparing the book to the movie in these reviews, but what the hell people? I'm over half way through the novel and the fucking antagonist hasn't even been properly mentioned yet. It's called "story structure", you have a "protagonist" who goes through changes, and an antagonist that stirs shit up a bit."

Context is the third of the reviews so far; (parts 1 and 2 are here and here.) QWP!
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The importance of being legible.

faeryl bemoans the chickenscratch of doctors:

Dear prescribing office hospital:

Really...if you're gonna send us a rush order please to be writing legibily? This is important. It is doubly so when the information we need involves long, complicated and entirely unpronouncable Names of Things that I don't normally work with, and therefore won't recognize even slightly if you've represented it with a mere squiggle.

After years of cryptography self-directed learning of Egyptian heiroglyphs typing up the prescriptions ya'll write and translating them for the masses I can normally piece out most things, but in this case? No.

PENMANSHIP. It's your friend. Know it, love it, consider using it(even if only as a cheap date) every now and then.

Thank you.

(PS - its a good thing that(unlike 90% of the offices which left for the day at 9AM you were still actually OPEN when I called for clarification. Kudos!)

Context didn't even want to be there Xmas Eve. (Flocked, QWP.)
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