December 25th, 2008


You see this knife? (

niobedancing had some thoughts on a film:

Scott and I watched "Gangs of New York" which I had never seen before. It was interesting. Here are my two most common comments throughout the movie:

"This is just a bunch of stupid man crap."

"America sucks!"

I should probably someday write a long post laying out all my thoughts but those two sum it up quite nicely.

Context is the entire post.

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theantishem has a grown-up Christmas list:

I'm quietly praying to Eros and Dionysus this Christmas in the hopes that my holiday season will be filled with good booze and great sex.

If I'm going to be worshipping mythological sky-faeries then I'd rather worship ones with personality.

Context has no particular desire to put the Christ back in Christmas. (Locked, QWP)