December 23rd, 2008

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padparadscha takes offense at people who take offense at "Happy Holidays":

They shouldn’t pick me. I brook no bullshit. “You do know the ‘War on Christmas’ is a false controversy created by Bill O’Reilly in order to cynically garner more ratings during this season, right? People have been saying ‘Happy Holidays’ at least since the 50s—I can give you proof in the form of songs recorded in that era. Furthermore, ‘happy holidays’ is all-inclusive, which I like since Christianity certainly does not have a monopoly on midwinter holidays. The existence of other holidays does not actually cancel out yours, or threaten it in any way; in point of fact, Christmas is one of the holidays implied in the ‘Happy Holidays’ greeting. However, if you would prefer, I will wish you a happy Christmas and a completely miserable New Year. In fact, let’s take it a step further and just wish you misery all around, since wishing you happiness obviously is not working.”

Yet another example of my signature move, the Blinding Infodump. I could go on and on, but people usually give up before I can even get this far.
Context also includes Atheist Children Get Presents Day.
ghost rider xmas
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Paul kingofbreakfast Dini saw a star-studded Christmas Carol on stage. Things did not go well:

Paul kingofbreakfast Dini saw a star-studded Christmas Carol on stage. Things did not go well:

at one point during most productions of Christmas Carol, the Ghost of Christmas Present opens his robe to reveal two shivering skeletal children named Ignorance and Want clutching at his legs. I think what was to happen in this version was that spotlights were to be shined through the scrim behind the ghost and the two smaller spectres were to be revealed on either side of him. Or something. The lights never went on, the kids missed their cues, and Scrooge and the Ghost pressed on as if the tiny apparitions were still there. Halfway through the ghost's monologue, we did see two panicked kids dressed as mummies running back and forth behind the scrim, proving that ignorance, of a sort, did make it on stage after all.
Context made a little show called Batman: The Animated Series. Perhaps you've heard of it?

I call Bella!

daemonfan is a dedicated and often indiscriminate gamer...but he has his limitations.

"I saw Twilight the RPG the other day. Wow, never thought I'd see a gaming system that would make me say 'Man up and play Vampire the Masquerade!'"

Context is friends-locked unless you sparkle.
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Ode to Fun Bags

hexkitten celebrates haikus. And boobies:

Boobies know winter.
Nipples are cold, pointed nubs.
Summer makes them soft.

Whatcha' lookin' at?
Have you never seen a poem
all about the boobs?

My milkshakes bring the
boys to the yard. They say they
are better than yours.

OK, I did not write
that last haiku, but my breasts
are cuter than yours.

QWP, Context hates bras.
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