December 20th, 2008

peeking? duck!

He's ready.

I have used the power of Google to find me instructions.

I have reviewed the This Old House website.

I have the tools to make this happen.

I have the time to make this happen.

My vision is clear.

My heart is pure.

My strength is that of 10 (all 6 inches high, but 10 nonetheless).


...there are NO words to describe how INTIMIDATED I am by this.


I hope I don't end up using my secret identity of...PROCRASTINATION MAN!!!

--popfiend on household tasks.

Context has the tools and the talent...kind of.

Causal Friday?

masslibrulgirl wears a smart outfit to work:

Despite the craziness of work yesterday, I did have fun wearing my flapper dress over jeans for casual Friday (I almost typed "causal Friday"--I wonder what that would entail? A lot of scientific experiments trying to tease apart correlation and causation?). Everyone liked it. One guy even asked if I had been a go-go dancer in a past life, and someone else had to correct him that it was a flapper dress and he had his decades mixed up.

QWP, context is f-locked.