December 17th, 2008


Not taking any chances.

ginmar fears that one of her felines may not take kindly to medical treatment:

Oh, God, I have to give Molly her antibiotics. Just in case, I'm thinking of preparing my obituary in case it doesn't go well. Molly weights eight pounds, which in terms of feline propulsion potential equals about a hundred pounds of dynamite. Also, she's a champion wriggler. And squirmer.


"Blogger dies, proves that the good die young"

Ginmar, 98, died today after being beaned by a statue of Gerard Butler. The blogger, whose house has been featured in pictorials in "Home and Zombie, House Werewolf, and Decorating for Opium Dens" also founded Geektopia on fifty acres of land in northern Minnesota. Though she was suspected in numberous acts of egging, toilet-papering, and sarcastic graffiti, the Minnesota Republican Party never succeeded in getting her convicted. Ms. Ginmar, who founded her own religion, known as The Church of the Printed Word, once said her goal was to prove that the good die young while the bad die of chocolate.

It is not known whether the Gerard Butler statue was made of chocolate or not.

The wake is expected to be BYOB. Blackmail, as per the decedent's wishes, is to be encouraged. Ms. Ginmar's surviving relatives had no comment, except to say, "Oh, thank God she didn't die robbing a bookstore or something."

Quoted with permission. Context fears a cat-astrophe...