December 16th, 2008

I was Dead at the Time

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sakuragrrl's mother has some words of wisdom as the "Storm of the Century" hits Seattle...

Mom: ::out of nowhere:: The warning signs of hypothermia are shivering, numbness, clumsiness, and not caring.
Me: Not caring? So you're saying if I'm not miserable, I should be panicking?
Mom: ... Yes.

Context is still trying to un-blue her toes. Flocked, QWP.
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Truly Outrageous

we don't think about this sort of stuff when we're kids

(This is my first contribution here; I hope I did it right!)

In response to this post on my personal LiveJournal....

therealycats: I work with an organization that trains DCS employees and foster parents. I have spent the last week trying to convince my coworkers that Dave Seville is the worst sort of foster/adoptive parent, who uses his children for financial gain, works them well beyond the hours allowed by child labor laws, most likely is not putting any of their earnings back for college funds, and severely abuses Alvin in particular. In fact, I think he may have interfered with Alvin. And you can't tell me the woman looking after the Chipettes isn't fishy either.

...They all keep looking at me like I'm insane.