December 15th, 2008


On How "Hit" Has Multiple Meanings

owesome  : Tony: Tapped that, tapped that, wish I could tap that... give me two months, I'll have tapped that, aaaand, would so totally tap that.

Steve: I'm just going to pretend your 21st century slang still confuses me, because confronting that sentence is a task too terrible to contemplate.

Tony: Oh yeah, I totally hit that, even harder than you hit Hitler, eh, Cap?

Steve: >facepalm

sir_mikael  : Steve: "What, I *did not* hi..! ... oh, you meant it in the..." *makes punchy motion* "way".

Tony: "Fisting?"

Steve: O.O

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i bit them

It IS better than just writing "I don't know."

deltashade's accounting professor tests on a topic not covered in class. Namely, bonds:

The only bond I know anything about is James Bond; therefore, I assert that diamonds are a tangible asset with an indefinite life. I also assert that Bonds received by Goldfinger, Inc. have an expected useful life of a matter of minutes, while Bonds issued by Her Majesty's Secret Service and Bike Repair have an expected useful life of 40 years with variable interest and high risk.

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On rahmbamarama ('nuff said)

evercourant  : Also, COMMUNITY AT LARGE:

Did any of you watch the Bush shoe video and develop a vague, gnawing worry as to whether Barack Obama would be able to dodge the projectile in a similar situation? Would the results be one of the following?

A) He has basketball reflexes and is composed of sinew. He dodges.
B) Remember, he is Jesus. He turns the shoe into wine.
C) Rahm Emanuel flying-tackles the shoe in midair.

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Sasuke_my WTF face let me show you it

"Because someone has to say it, dammit!" Nothri is feeling punny.

Holy crap! George Bush was attacked in Iraq today. Fortunately, the attack missed the president by at least a couple of feet. The attacker was quickly booted from the news conference. I suppose this is what we get for going toe to toe with Iraq. Still, I feel like we should be walking a mile in the other guy's shoes. Let time heel old wounds and so forth. I'm sure they'll be several wagging tongues out there that say the heart and sole of America has been lost because of this war, but I think they just need to put a sock in it. We really need to get off on the right foot with these guys, or we won't be able to tap any of that oil. I know the economy is on a shoe string budget right now, but at least our president is a opposed to being a flip-flopper.

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