December 13th, 2008

Cloud Droplets Are Twenty Microns
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skellerbvvt tells us about her very odd week:

Whilst at the grocery store, picking up things with which to bake with (with said gift card), an exceedingly pretty Hispanic woman went and tried to get some cake mix off the top shelf. When I offered to help her, she decided Very Suddenly Make Out was an appropriate response to the offer of help. When I could no longer feel my knees she swanned off (with her cake-mix), I then yelled, "Do I know you?!" and the Old Man part of the Old Couple then said "In my day women didn't do that. I love being old." and his wife slapped him on the arm. To which I responded that I didn't know her, but also wasn't complaining. And unless I get herpes I'm not going to, because she was exceedingly pretty.

Context has more oddness, plus the secrets of the Church of Bvvtoniisum. QWP.
Rabbit with a pancake on its head

Adoption notice from wyldegrey

I need to be in Times Square for 9:30AM on the following Sundays: Dec. 21, Jan. 11, Jan. 18, Jan. 25, Feb. 1, and Feb. 8. This means that one (1) wyldegrey will be free to a good home in the NYC area on the preceeding Saturdays for temporary foster. This wyldegrey is a female Irish mix and rather tall. She is housebroken; knows "sit", "stay", "leave it" commands; will not walk on a leash, but heels very well. Loves to play, but will also be happy in a quiet household. If you think a wyldegrey would be a good temporary addition to your household, please comment to this posting or email [redacted].

Context is a law-brador retriever. F-locked, QWP.
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fanficrants speculates on LiveJournal's sexual orientation:

wazira_sharira: I'd probably say "It is interested in other websites of the same sex? I didn't even know websites had a sex."

LJ/Myspace OTP?

akai_senshi: No, no. LJ/IJ. EPIC HATESEX, MAN.

ranty_rie: Lies, LJ has an unrequited crush on JF.

sparky_ld: TRAINGLES!

Okay okay

LJ is married to IJ, right? But she is unhappy in her marriage. She longs for... something... something more! Like... a gal in an extremely exclusive country club! Enter JF.

Meanwhile, MySpace still remembers his highschool sweetie LJ, and is bitter about the fact that IJ stole her with her powers of being a filthy liberal. MS confides in TV Tropes, who listens with a detached air... he's still trying to figure out how to cut ties with his controlling father, Wikipedia.

ranty_rie: And GJ sits back in the shadows, watching the plot unravel, and cackles hysterically, just barely avoiding breaking into song:

"Neener neener!"

writinchica2k: While Encyclopedia Dramatica is beating up Wikipedia on a regular basis, and Facebook emos in the corner that nobody loves him... (hey, this thread's fun!)

shobogan: But LJ and IJ already had a child, Inksome, which makes it all the more complicated...