December 12th, 2008

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antieuclid sees no reason that being 24 years old means she should automatically be the official intarwebz expert at work:
I know they all come from a different generation, and they didn't grow up around computers and all, but I got dragged into this place because I spin my own yarn on a spinning wheel, so I think I've earned my right to expect generational flexibility.
From a (community-)locked post on admin_hell. QWP.
Edited to add link. Thanks to shaysdays for the reminder.

Health care, evil penguins and dolphins

In luciferian_chic, eruditeboredom said:

Oh, and I think health care should be a basic human right too. But I also think that self-preservation, a basic human instinct, is slowly being bred out of us, and the people without this instinct should be allowed to die, in case Dolphins evolve rapidly enough to challenge our place as the dominant civilization on the planet, and enlist the help of the Penguins to do it. So many people would be helpless against the attack of adorable sea creatures to actually defend themselves! I think that these people who know that cheezburgrs kill but eat them by the quarter- and half-pound anyway care so little about their survival that they'd rather let themselves be killed than fight back against an adorable sea creature that wants to kill them.

Context is a Writer's Block answer, friends-locked, but QWP (private message).
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