December 11th, 2008


It's all about the pink-to-penis ratio!

mamarosebud proves the bowl isn't always greener...

I went to dish up food, thanking my lucky stars that I had precisely three clean bowls left. After dishing up the twoyr-old's first I moved on to the boys'. It just so happened that they recieved between them one green bowl of mac-n-cheese and one pink bowl of mac-n-cheese, which is a horrible coincidence since that pink-to-penis ratio is apparently entirely too high. They began to argue. And it got loud. Sensing a potential teaching moment, I intervened.

RB: *removes both bowls from table* You may both have your bowls back as soon as you can reach an agreement on them.
RB: I will help you if you need it or in ten minutes, whichever happens first. If you need me, just ask.
Boys: *argue quietly for ten minutes*
RB: Okay, so you guys haven't reached a compromise, huh?
Boys: He says... NO! HE says...
RB: That's enough. I'll just go wash another bowl for you. No more arguing. Understood?
Boys: Yes :)

So, since I knew one of them would be getting up to gt himself another dish at some point, thereby creating more dishes for me anyway, I decided my own terms. I washed another pink bowl.

They ate their food. Their balls didn't fall off.

(QWP, but that's the whole story.)
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On a Nice Guy wank:

caito: So at what point do we get to overshare stories of personal experiences, huh huh huh? Answer me THAT, fandom_wank.

caito: Omg caito, this one time? A boy liked me. It was icky.

caito: Well clearly you shouldn't have let him know you were female! As soon as he realized you were a gendered person, clearly you rendered him incapable of treating you like a whole person. It's totes your fault, you skanky slutty slut slut.

caito: BUT HE WROTE ME A POEM. It was a really bad poem. It was a clear violation of my personal space, and demonstrated his complete lack of regard for my personhood.

caito: Clearly you weren't beaten hard enough.

caito: GASPS! Jerkassery? On my internets? THIS IS UNPOSSIBLE.

caito: Listen, whore, it's not the mens' fault they are insecure! Women have clearly been keeping all the good sexin' for themselves >:(

caito: They are not! They share it with the whole wide world! It is called "slash fanfiction."


caito: Face it, skank, he was your One True Friend and clearly your Only Hope for Eternal Love. Did he ever remove parts of your car engine? That's how you know it's for real.

caito: D:

caito: Did I seriously just have a fake flamewar with myself? Holy crap is it ever time for bed.

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