December 8th, 2008

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thou shalt not wear cotton-poly blends.

tongodeon has been studying his Bible:

My take-away lesson here is that a clean-shaven gossipy lawyer dumping his brother's widow to marry a babbly widowed tipsy Hindu genaeologist that his parents don't like while wearing a cotton/poly blend shirt and a "Mom" tattoo, with a caterer specializing in crab rangoon and blood sausage from animals who aren't slaughtered and burned by a priest is many, many times worse in God's eyes than two linen-clad bearded gay guys marring each other.

Context is worth reading in its entirety.
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elliot geek

Randy will make you cry...

kobold  leaves an open letter...

" Dear Jogger I drove past a little while ago,

I realize this is really none of my concern and I dutifully apologize, but I can't help but wonder if some of the health benefits you're hoping to achieve are nullified by the cigar you were also smoking.


and in the comments this gem,

"Randy, this man is obviously coping with a multiple personality disorder and considers himself a choo-choo train. Please don't mock his disability, it is unkind." from aeire 

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