December 3rd, 2008

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active_apathy and the gingerbread LØNGHÅUS

Mere minutes later, a fragile crashing sound came from the table; and there it was, in RUÏNS, as though a gingerbread Thor had taken displeasure and struck down this gingerbread LØNGHÅUS with a gingerbread MJÖLLNIR (which, when he wants, can be so small as to fit inside a lunchbox). WÄLLS, RØØF and CHÏMNEY alike lay in pieces as the imaginary gingerbread VÏKÏNGS ran for their imaginary gingerbread LÏFES.


In short, tonight I dine on discombobulated WÄLLS and lemon icing MORTÄR.

Context wants a tiny gingerbread MJÖLLNIR of its very own.
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selectnone  knows how it all goes down...

Government gaydar-stations put out a lot of high-energy gaydio waves, but scientists are divided on their effects on people - however they are strategically important installations, so most research is classified.

Context is perhaps questioning recruitment practices.
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developer poses a vividly descriptive take on relationships:
I have no good advice since if you missed it, I handle moving to single status with the grace of a tasered elephant on ice.
QWP, but context wishes to remain anonymous. (see comments for explanation.)