December 2nd, 2008

Thrilling Heroics

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, has fangs like a... wait...

While suffering through Brisingr (Eragon 3) kippurbird draws parallels...
Once inside the cave Saphira becomes the great disco dragon. Saphira’s scales refracted the light, casting thousands of shifting blue flecks across the rock. Twisting around, Eragon saw no wall behind them, only the mouth of the cave and a sweeping view of the landscape beyond. Funny how she's never done that before. I think it would be something important to notice, especially since it would kinda make her easy to spot. It's likely in there because Paolini thought it would be cool. Or he read Twilight. \~/ \~/


Saphira is a VAMPIRE!!! She eats animals even though she wouldn't mind eating humans! She's strong, fast and sparkles! Why didn't I see this before?! Everything now is so much clearer! The reason why both Twilight and Eragon suck is because they're really written by one person!! Think about it! Eragon's soul-mate is someone that he'll be with for the rest of his life that he met accidentally and then obsessed over. He only met her because of some random circumstances that put him in the right place at the right time. Bella only met Edward because of random circumstances at the right place at the right time and they're soul mates! Saphira and Edward are both psychopathic killers who can read minds!

AMAZING!! there it is, indisputable proof that Meyer and Paolini are the same person!!

\~/ \~/ \~/ \~/ \~/

ehhehhhe... hey, it makes as much sense as the books.

Context suffers through the drivel so you don't have to! Unless of course you WANT to destroy your liver.
voldy tory

On Stephen Harper's idea of adjourning Parliament to save his political neck until the new year


Gov. Gen. Michaëlle Jean is returning home early from a state visit to Europe to deal with the upheaval on Parliament Hill, where she could decide the fate of the government in the next week.

The Tory government has signalled it is considering all options to prevent a Liberal-NDP coalition from taking power and is expected to begin launching a public relations blitz to discredit the pact.

Poll #1308013
What options might Former Prime Minister to Be Harper be Considering?
  • Prorogue Parliament
  • Cutting a suprise last minute deal with the Bloc
  • Request that Parliament be dissolved and another election called
  • Some unintuitive but technically legal application of existing laws such as the War Measures Act
  • Organize "spontaneous" civil disorder from his supporters
  • Compress all opposing MPs into diamonds using only the power of his mind
  • Request military intervention from George W. Bush
  • Say that he's very very sorry about the budget and please to let him continue being PM

  • dsrtao:

    "The Imperial Senate will no longer be of any concern to us. I've just received word that the Emperor has dissolved the council permanently. The last remnants of the Old Republic have been swept away."

    Context has lost the confidence of the House. QWP.
    Knitty Zoidbeg

    What do you call a combined LOL and AWWW?

    imle: The only time I ever met Santa is when he came to our house. I was about 3 and my brother was 5. My dad went out to run an errand, and then Santa came in the front door and asked us what we wanted for Christmas! He was just how I imagined, big and round with a white beard and a red suit. My mom took pictures while my brother and I sat on his lap and told him what we wanted. It was the most magical time ever!

    He had to leave before my dad got home. When Dad got home about an hour later, he couldn't believe that he'd missed Santa. It was all we could talk about for weeks.

    Context is screaming in Santa's lap.
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    annajaneclare on the (in)famous joys of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight:

    These are weird books – incredibly fucking weird. They’re not even romance. I’ve read some silly, overwrought romances in my time but none quite as hectic and face-clawing as the Twilight Series. Romance doesn’t cover it. It’s more like love-porn, you know? When you’re writing porn you’ve got to linger over every sweat drop, every grind and groan – put the reader right in the scene. This is the same, only censored from the nose down (Seriously, Bella doesn’t even get tongue when she kisses Mr. Frosty.) with every shudder, shiver, sob and shitfit of ~*~True Love~*~ amped up to insane and ridiculous proportions. Bella experiences actual physical pain when Edward dumps her, which in itself is not uncommon – but for months? She spends four months in a catatonic state and presumably can’t even take herself to the bathroom. And when she starts fucking moving and talking again her father suggests she ‘see someone’.

    Look, Dad – she’s been sitting in a puddle of her own piss, drool and tears for FOUR MONTHS. I’d suggest that maybe the time for psychiatric intervention has been and gone.