November 30th, 2008

there it is

Think of it as an economic stimulus, if it helps.

The New York Post reports today that men across the city are having less sex due to stress over the economy.

No, no, no, guys, you've got it all wrong. Sex is stress RELIEF. It's an instant mood enhancer. No matter how far south the economy goes, sex always feels good. Even the worst sex you ever had feels better than looking at your 401K. And it's FREE!

Sigh. On behalf of all men, I would like to apologize for what morons most of us are.

context (this is the entire entry, though), qwpped.
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In scans_daily, noahbrand comments on the popularity of rape-fetish fanart:

Torture's a horrible crime too, but some people enjoy sexy pictures of that. To paraphrase Pascal, the crotch has its reasons, which reason knows not of.
Context is manly men doing manly things with other manly men. (highly NSFW)

Things learned from network TV.

Today's gem is from shanex (the man behind Casey and Andy, for those playing at home.)

Things I have learned from watching network television:

All women are stunningly implausibly beautiful.

All priests are pedophiles.

All smokers die of lung cancer.

No terrorism is committed by Muslims. Sometimes it appears at first to be committed by Muslims, but it always turns out to be non-Islamic white people.

All homeless men are crippled Vietnam veterans who the government has failed to take care of. None of them are drug addicts or alcoholics.

All homeless women are noble single moms down on their luck, put in the predicament by a bad boyfriend or husband who stole their money and left. None of them are drug addicts or alcoholics.

All liberals are good, all conservatives are evil.

All professional women and experts in their field are in their early 20’s regardless of how long it would plausibly take to rise to that position.

Women find men 30 years older than them irresistibly attractive.

All elected legislators are perverts.

When people wake up in the morning, they are beautiful, their hair is in perfect shape, and their pajamas are still neatly pressed.

Doctors only ever have one patient at a time.

QWP, more at the original post. List your own network television observations in the comments!
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In ontd_political, ladypolitik explains why comedians have a hard time making fun of Obama:

Basically, it's like Urkle had a love child with Denzel. And they named it Barack Obama. As a result, things that would normally get pure dorks beaten up in high school inexplicably gets Obama panties. With people still in them.

Context needs to work on dance moves.