November 29th, 2008


Daleks + Joker

From padparascha in a public post regarding dreams:

All I can remember about last night’s dream is that the Daleks had declared the Joker their new emperor, and when Earth found out they considered it for a moment, shrugged, said, “Well, we’re doomed,” and went back to their routine. Because when the Daleks put that crazy bastard in charge, you’re so dead it doesn’t even matter what you do, so you might as well just go about your business.
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deelieboppers sharpened

larksdream runs into some problems whilst using spray-cheez as a dogtraining reward

Until I drop the squeeze cheez. And it punctures. And it starts shooting cheez food product. All over me, of course, because the initial jet pushed against the ground and spun the can so it was shooting upwards. All over my shoes and my pants and my jacket and oh yes, also my hair.

Of course even after I get out of the way of the cheez geyser, wacky fun ensues as I try to ease my cheezy self into the car without smearing cheez food product all over the inside of the car. For a second I even considered driving home without my seatbelt (it was about half a mile), but I decided it would JUST FIGURE that I'd get in an accident and have to explain to first the cops and then the nice emergency room people exactly why I was covered in garlic flavored cheez spray.

Oh yes, it was garlic flavored. Mmm! It's like the finest Dijon cheez spray!
Context needs to get spray-cheez off the car (flocked; quoted with permission.)