November 27th, 2008

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harmer channels Shakespeare laced with internet-induced rage...

Love, Hate, eBay: a play by Jaime.

Act I
Time: July 2008.
Jaime: I desire mine self a cord for mine router. Where shall I find such an object? Ah yes, eBay.
eBay: Jaime! Within my virtual walls, I possess thy proper electrical cord of your desires! Oh please purchase me and I will be forever yours in the snowy hills of Iqaluit!
Jaime: SOLD!

Act II
Time: August 2008.
Jaime: Oh AC adapter, wherefore art thou in the vast wilderness of the Americas of North?
eBay: Here beith your tracking number, surely you can locate its whereabouts!
Jaime: Perhaps, but alas! I am too busy right now to search for thy adapter!

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Context is locked, but QWP. :D

Handle with Lulz

loveberry  Gives proper instruction on how to handle a package

Do not pee on or in package.

Do not use package to hold pancake batter.

Do not give package to Saint Bernard for use as chew toy.

Do not bathe with package.

Warning! Package not suitable for use as barrier method birth control!

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