November 21st, 2008

Emerald Rose

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just_the_ash discusses pointy-toothed trends.

I am by no means a vampire purist, okay? I am old enough to remember when Interview With the Vampire came out, and I couldn't be arsed to read Anne Rice then. Here's a vampire, there's a vampire, here's another little vampire, funny vampire, Cockney vampire, vampire vampire spoon. Whatever. It's just "vampire dates, stalks, emotionally batters, and eventually impregnates-with-hellbaby vulnerable teenage girl" -- well, that bites.

Context includes too much sparkle lotion and the new Twilight movie; flocked and QWP.
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From scans_daily:

Surely he'd just refer to him as "J Christ".

I bet Herc is down with Jesus.

Well, he'd definitely be down for the water-into-wine thing. "Oh, you mean that Yeshua guy? That was one prophet who knew how to party! Moses, now, he was no fun at all . . . did I ever tell you about the time . . ."

don't get him started on Mohammed...

But even Mohammed threw better parties than Jim Jones.

dunno, Jim made a killer punch!
Context has been living large for over 3000 years