November 19th, 2008

lesbian sex--I mean tea

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cynica has specific tastes:

Uh, so this Edward Cullen actor guy (Robert Pattinson?) ... I have long been thinking "meh" on him in general. He's not super hot, and Edward is supposed to be the most beautiful man alive. So that caused a little disconnect.

But HOLD UP. I just watched a video of him online? He's BRITISH? Changes everything. Damn.

Context has an Anglo fetish, doesn't everyone?
made of love

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attack_laurel  is reading turn-of-the-twentieth-century diet books:

"Then it tells us that fat people sleep too much, and we shouldn't take naps. Those fat, piggy people, with their naps and their milk! We hates them, we does, my carbonaceous-refusing precious!"

Context is somehow still in print despite being written by Gollum. QWP.