November 17th, 2008

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On those goddamn undead discoballs

punkinart has had a revelation.

...the twilight fans have the luxury of wearing a shirt on their favorite book/movie, and the non twilight fans now have a visual signal for when an idiot is approaching.

I hate , despise, loath, twilight and wish to shoot every copy ever printed into outer space, where it may be ejected into the galaxy, picked up by other aliens, and read. Why? so that their IQ's will plummet drastically and we can become the number one intellectual super power in the universe.

Context has a collection of very sexy Ben Barnes icons.
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he had to be talked out of appointing Captain America Secretary of State

venice_diaries and skyblade got to talking about the geekiness of our next President.
It was reported during the campaign that President-Elect Obama had read all of the Harry Potter books to his children. Then came the picture of him with his Apple laptop with the Pac Man decal. Finally, it's been reported that he's an avid collector of Spider-Man and Conan comics. Naturally, this caused some Chuck Norris-style riffing...

Obama staunchly believes the Balrog did not have wings. The Peter Jackson movies are grandfathered in, but he's initiating a statute that all new polystone figures have go without them.

Obama has a secret service agent guarding his Boba Fett action figure. But he keeps the extra limited edition one in his safe.
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Context is seeking to fill the position of the Secretary of Awesomeness. Bruce Campbell is rumored to be a strong contender for the new post.
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Another Twilight related quote

dharmavati is in the process of reading Midnight Sun from Stephanie Meyer's website and makes an observation:
... this POV has only confirmed what I've been convinced of all along: Edward is the Carlton Banks of the Cullen family.

This would make Emmett Will. And Rosalie is probably Hilary. And Alice is Ashley. I'm not sure who Jasper is but he can be Jazz. LOL. It's perfect, you guys.
Context would like someone to edit RPattz's face onto this gif.
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propernice has issues with Oprah's magazine.

Dear Oprah,

I understand you to be the most powerful woman in the world, nay, the Universe. You can make women lose their shit over hand warmers and free books, and you give away cars like they're just matchbox toys. You have inspired many people all over the world to be better, to do good, and to realize their full potential. You are such a caring and seemingly wonderful person, but I just have something to say that I need to get off of my chest:

You are out of touch with fucking reality.

Let me explain.

I am a subscriber to your magazine because I love your little pearls of wisdom. Your 'What I Know for Sure' column is highly inspiring and your contributors are usually very well rounded and entertaining. But your shopping section is HILARIOUS. Your most recent issue is the Christmas issue where you have '63 Perfect Presents ($8 to $99)' and 'Oprah's top 10 Gifts for Under $100'. I was so fucking excited to open up this magazine and dive into the depths of some of Oprah's Favorite things! I wanted to purchase them and give them for the holidays and tell people as they opened their gift: 'You know, Oprah recommended this!' and then I could feel a little bit of your power vicariously through my awesome gift giving.

And then I opened the magazine which is so chock full of shit that I don't know whether to laugh or cry. There is no reason anyone in my family needs $30.00 pulse point perfume, $42.00 cashmere socks, or $69-79 dollar gloves.

I could get all of that at Wal-Mart for $25.00 and have change. Oprah, when you first started you were supposed to be for the women. Most of us, the women, can't afford half the shit you try to hawk in your magazine. Hell, I can hardly afford your magazine but I get it to make a statement. That statement is: 'I am better than all of you women who DO NOT have a subscription to the monthly Bible'. Because you and I both know that most women and a few gay guys pretty much just do whatever you tell them to.

As I flip through the magazine, there is a very lovely bookmark that I thought would be a nice looking thing to mark my page where I left off. And then I got to the price and almost had a stroke. $56.00, Oprah, for a bookmark? Who in the hell needs a $56.00 bookmark? Do you know how many bookmarks I lose on a daily basis? For $56.00 I could buy eight five-star notebooks and have enough paper to make bookmarks for LIFE. I also do not know anyone in their right mind who would actually order a tin of 10 (TEN) cookies for $65.00.

Actually, I take that back. There is one woman in all the world who has enough money to buy whatever she wants and then tell us we should buy the same things in the pages of her magazine. That woman is you, Oprah. Only you could possibly think that it's okay to order $65.00 cookies in the mail when there are starving children in Africa.

Thank you, and goodnight.

Context is flocked, and QWP. ;)
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Aspies are cool!

Comment by quinanne in an entry announcing a new Grey's Anatomy character, Dr. Dixon, who -- it is revealed at the end of the episode -- has a form of high-functioning autism known as Asperger Syndrome, commonly seen in BONES's Temperance Brennan and possibly others like House and CSI's Gil Grissom.

let us be honest... an aspie [tv] character is the new 'in' thing...well, i guess for once i'm one of the 'cool' kids....

Context hopes to see Mary McDonnell's character stay longer than just 3 eps on Grey's.

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madmazula waxes dirtily poetic

Dirty Cook Song
Hey there pretty
What’s your name
I haves something that will
Drive you insane

Hey there gorgeous
You’re quite a treat
I have a meal that I’d
Like you to eat

Just close your eyes
Open your mouth
There’s nothing like these
Drinks from the south

It’s full of protein
No it’s not a shake
It’s like the icing
On a birthday cake

It’s organic
And man-made
Your mother liked it, so you
Shouldn’t be afraid

Just close your eyes
Open your mouth
There’s nothing like these
Drinks from the south

Look at that smile
I’m glad I came
Make sure not to spill ‘cause
That stuff will stain

You want seconds?
That’s really great
I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself
But you’ll have to wait

Context is rather sticky (apologies for posting/deleting/reposting, had brain fart.)
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