November 14th, 2008

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The One Fed

blueguy76 posted a poem by his wife kadar3:

Bailouts for the Big 3 under Detroit sky
Loans for bank CEOs in their empty vaults
None for Mortal Taxpayers doomed to pay
All from Bernanke on his dark throne.
In the land of Wall Street where the Brokers lie.
One Fed to rule them all, One Fed to buy them,
One Fed to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Wall Street where the Brokers lie.

Context is withdrawing all its money from the Bank of Helm's Deep.
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So much more than just a train wreck.

dico's best friend explains why she read Twilight:

"Well, you know how everyone has to watch a train wreck? Well imagine if that train fell onto a hospital, and then the hospital caught on fire, and then an airplane was attracted by the flames and flew into it as well, blowing up, and then out of nowhere Godzilla showed up and started stomping on things, and just when you think it can't get WORSE, the Enterprise shows up with Picard and starts shooting at Godzilla. And that is how I can read it, BECAUSE YOU GOTTA KNOW IF PICARD CAN KILL GODZILLA."

Context is fangirling RPattz.

Princess Bride classes would rock.

katydidinoz talks about how The Princess Bride applies to all education. (QWP)

semantics: The word 'inconceivable'. Discuss
Biology: what, precisely, is the difference between "mostly dead" and "all dead"?
History: the noble pursuit of war-mongering. Discuss
Engineering: design a method for storming a castle. your assets include his smarts, inigo's steel, fezzik's strength. oh, and a holocaust cloak.
Mythology: rodents of unusual size. do they really exist? discuss
PE: Fezzik's way is not very sportsman like. Discuss
Economics: there's not a lot of money in revenge. discuss
Psychology: torture - no one withstands the machine. discuss.
Math: describe using a visual graph of your choice, the ratio of kissing to other activities. Does this, in fact, make this a kissing book?

More at the original entry. Suggest your own!
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g0atface watches football.

No intro needed, really.

You see, I've been trying to figure out the nigh-on incomprehensible rules of American football. I've sat through several games now, and I think maybe I'm not smart enough to understand this game. It seems like they play for about 8 seconds, there's a big dogpile of muscled men in tight pants, and then they all get up and talk about it for a while. How can you settle into the game when they keep stopping to mill about and have conversations? Christ, it's like a 70s hippie orgy! "I know I just jumped on you without much preamble - how are you FEELING about that right now? Do you want to try that again, cuz I feel like we really have a connection going..." Really, that's my subtitle for all of their talking.

Context is a stranger in a strange land. The Midwest.

Public entry quoted with permission.