November 13th, 2008

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alexanderditto shares his encounter with the monster fruit:

I dug deeper, deeper, the fragrance floating fluid, omnipresent, overpowering, collecting those kernels in a bowl to savor, and as I took my first bite, their sweetness exploded on my tongue, a delicious cross between fruits of all kinds; as though a banana had had carnal relations with a pineapple, while a mango looked on, shyly, from the corner of the room, not quite looking, only peeking once or twice.

Be gentle... it's context's first time.
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Goldendoodles of Doom

filthspigot sends an urgent warning to the President-Elect! An excerpt:
A smarter Golden Retriever? This just means that you have a dog that is obsessive-compulsive about retrieving to the point where nothing else exists. Nothing. They don't want affection, they want to chase a ball. Toby plays fetch while he’s eating – he has his own personal game of jacks where he drops his ball, grabs a mouthful of food, drops the food on the floor, and eats however many kibbles he can before the ball stops bouncing (For science, I once threw a ball while he was taking a dump. … if you do acquire a Doodle I strongly advise against this).

Context has more Goldendoodle mayhem.
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marginaliana on the unexpectedness of yuletide assignments.

Your chief weapon is obscurity, obscurity and ridiculousne--

Your two weapons are obscurity and ridiculousness and an awesome matching script--

Amongst your weaponry are such diverse elements as: obscurity, ridiculousness, and an awesome matching script, and an almost fanatical devotion to fandom -- I'll come in again.


on that vampire book

It's a romance in the best traditions of the Brontes, with a stalker for a hero and a reader insert for a heroine. It's got lots and lots of pretty to distract you from the fact that when you look past the Twu Wuv it's the story of a psycho trying and failing to have a normal relationship, but getting by okay because he's fixated on a girl who's psycho enough on her own to be turned on by his attempts instead of creeped out like a sane person.

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