November 12th, 2008

filthy bisexual pervert scum

anw waxes flippant on popular music; world shocked.

Apparently Boyzone originally wanted their real partners in the video, but they all said no, which is wise, as the video mainly seems to consist of the members of the group wiping their noses on their supposed partners (and the girl with the especially potato-headed one really doesn't look like she's enjoying it). I'm inclined to suggest that the gay couple appears to get slightly less screen time and a little less intimacy and perhaps aren't quite as easy to see, but that may be my skewed perspective speaking. Certainly there's no gay nose-wiping until right up to the end, though. When one man can wipe his nose on another man in the video for a crappy ballad, then and only then, my friends, will we have true equality. - context is best watched with the sound off.