November 10th, 2008

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Good going Cali

kaleb7 shows the fallacy of the argument against gay marriage rather succinctly in this post:

How you can vote for Obama , and recognize this as a historic moment paid for with the blood and tears of generations, yet with the next stroke of your ballot pen rip away the rights of another group that has had the crap kicked out of them on a regular basis is unbelievable.

Banning gay marriage removes homosexuality in the same way that banning basketball stops tallness.

Context is right on point and QWP
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Beware, There's Socialized Medicine Afoot!

zmayhem speaks with a long-time patient about scheduling an appointment with a very busy doctor:
[Random Woman] (in winky-winky confidential tones): I'm just very concerned, and I thought I'd better get in to see him while I still can, before socialized medicine happens. I'm used to being able to see my specialists right away. I'm very concerned.

Me (brightly): Well, socialized medicine would be a wonderful thing, but I regret to say that we're probably at least a decade away at the earliest.

RW: Well, then, single payer. Isn't that even worse? Anyhow, I want to see him today, before the socialism.

Me: ::brains explode::

Make sure to read the context, before the socialism.
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