November 7th, 2008

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Warning labels

At bad_rpers_suck, beardedtroll ponders the downsides of giant robots:

Giant Robots really should come with health warnings. "Warning. May cause a sense of alienation, awkward, subdued romances and teenage angst. Prolonged use may lead to military father figures, glowing transformation sequences, sexual interest from older females and indecipherable symbolism. NB! Side-effects may include drowsiness, enlarged eyes, elevated blood pressure and the destruction of Tokyo."

Context has spiky cyan hair and lots of angst.
i laugh at my own jokes

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carlanime, explaining why she had friended someone who had started a major flamewar on her LJ:
I feel my time working in wildlife rehabilitation with things that bit me when I tried to help them has prepared me more than adequately.

Context is wankish, flocked, and QWP.

In fanficrants, mistress_siana is a little sick of it...

Dear America,

please stop it. Your OMC, Obama, is the worst Sue I've seen in a long time. Your WIP has been going on for a while now, with frequent updates, but so far, we haven't seen a single flaw. Coolest guy in town, funny, smart as a particularly smart whip, easily catches the eye of every swing state, about to adopt a puppy... even rappers like him. Rappers! The world is a hostile place. Suspicious European governments aren't going to be excited to the point of dribbling on their shirts the moment he appears on their doorstep. 200,000 people in Berlin? Come on. That name alone. Seriously, what's with people and their love for unusual names? John and Bill are perfectly fine for a president. Or Milhous. Even worse, your John McCain is completely OOC. That man's a war hero, he's not going to suddenly, I don't know, campaign with a fake plumber or something, just to make your character look better. Even more ridiculous: al Qaeda endorsing McCain to show how awesome your Sue is. And I'm not even talking about Sarah Palin. The world doesn't work that way.

However, the worst thing is the puppy. Please, don't let him have a puppy. If that happens, the planet will spontaneously combust to be replaced by a big ball of fluff and sunshine. Seriously. Al Gore was bad enough--Oscar AND Nobel Prize, puh-lease--but at least he had the decency to lose the election. For the love of puppies, give us some flaws, something to work with, okay?

Lots of love,

Context would like CNN to stop fangirling this new writer.

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On ordering pizza online:

kibbles: I'm not a huge fan of Domino's pizza BUT they have this FANTASTIC PIZZA TRACKER.

pretzelcoatl: IAWTC.

Although it's kind of pathetic to order Domino's because they're, like, a block away. Maybe if I'm lazy on a winter night.

kibbles: But. But. PIZZA TRACKER!!!!!111

pretzelcoatl: - Your pizza will be ready in 30 minutes.
- Your pizza is being delivered.
- Your delivery man just slipped on ice.
- The neighbors' pugs are eating his face.
- Way to go for not getting out of your house, jackass.

Context is 100% sure it's not your mom.

It all makes sense now!

takhisis envisions the best possible end to the last eight years:

Oh ye gods. I have just seen a vision of the near future. It all makes sense now.

January 15, 2009 - AP/REUTERS - George W. Bush Delivers Presidential Farewell Address (TRANSCRIPT)

President Bush enters conference room and approaches podium

BUSH: My fellow Americans...

President Bush spreads his arms in an encompassing gesture


Context outdid Sarah mean feat.
Self defense

Godzilla proves that Australia in fact, does not exist.

(Excerpts from the comments on a recent post on Proposition 8.

pazi_ashfeather   If I talk about Godzilla I'm not implying that Godzilla exists. As such flynnacatri  may just be talking about Australia as a fictional entity

So what you're saying is, Godzilla is from Australia?

dr_sponge No, not at all. Godzilla is only from Australia in the sense that Godzilla is Australia.

Let me explain,
Australia is non-existent
Godzilla is non-existent
that is, both are Australia and Godzilla are the same thing, non-existent

therefore Australia = Godzilla

</lj></lj></lj>Collapse ) 

Context is wondering whether Australia and Godzilla are getting a civil union or holding out for the full marriage deal.

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