November 6th, 2008

Pride Parade

anw outlines the changes in the gay agenda

From here we can regroup the gay community and continue to work on Phase Two of the gay agenda. (The sinister Phase Two has actually been revised; it used to be 'get equal rights'. Now it's 'try not to have any more laws passed against us that will proactively prevent the possibility of equal rights in the future'. Phase One was 'stop getting beaten to death', and is also actually still ongoing.)

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Context doesn't much care for ranch fencing.
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Two for the price of one from yesterday:

This conversation is playing out across America:

"If he wants to redistribute my wealth, he'll have to come and get it! I'm not giving it up without a fight!"

"Dude... you make $19,000 a year."


"You don't have wealth."


-Miss alexandraerin, here, QWP

Hey, did you hear? Some black guy got elected or something. It was on CNN, who apparently now have all the tech from Return of the Jedi. I'm trying to get a job wearing a gold bikini on Anderson Cooper's sail barge.

-hardvice, here