November 5th, 2008

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One Election does not 200+ Years Undo.

edric00 writes an open letter:

Dear Media,

I get it, Barack Obama is the first black man elected president. It is a truly monumental thing. But no matter how many times you play MLK saying he has a dream followed by Obama saying "yes we can", racism is not dead in America. No, this doesn't make up for slavery, stop saying that.

Juan A.G. Munoz

Context is short and to the point.
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Sick of politics.

After a substantial and eloquent commentary on the election, bad_latin has this to say:

I am now so officially sick of politics I could scream, and hope everyone is soon ready to start talking about meeeee some more, and important issues like my new obsession with Avatar: The Last Airbender, or my new imaginary boyfriend Simon Illyan and his sexy thinning hair, or Maggie-kitten's very paw-like paws. Change, schmange, I am needy and high-maintenance here, people!

Context has priorities, dammit!
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Re: Prop 8

johnnym77 is worried about the fallout of the Prop 8 vote in CA:

"I'm waiting for the reaction from Ellen. If people thought she cried when they took the dog away, imagine what will happen when they take her marriage away."

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make love not war
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deathboy, like just about everyone else on LiveJournal today, talks about the election;
Here, Americans - that's got to be fucking strange, eh?

... Waking up and the whole world fucking likes you again, all of a sudden ;)

Ahhh, c'mere, you guuyyyyyyys... BEAR HUG!

Now, sort out that gay-bashing legislation, you crazy fuckers. Yes, you can!

An alternate career choice for John McCain

box_in_the_box sees the future for John McCain:

'SNL' cast member McCain dies at 76
War hero, former congressman found 'third act' as beloved comic performer

November 2012 — After his presidential bid suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of then-Senator Barack Obama four years ago, a number of pundits wondered what would become of John McCain, whose campaign had come under sharp criticism from members of both sides of the political aisle. After spending five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, and serving for decades as an Arizona senator who had earned the respect of many fellow politicians in both parties, several commentators wondered whether McCain's once-distinguished reputation could ever be salvaged.

Live from New York, context has the full report.

On Superheroes Sexy


[info]juniper200</div>  : Now you've got it! Just lie back and let the bulge soothe you into complacency.


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Soothe? I wonder if I can get it prescribed for my insomnia...

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See, if I had a prescription for Cap's crotch, I wouldn't be getting much sleep at all..

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Sleep is more of a beneficial side effect, rather than the intended, immediate result of application of Cap's crotch. Other side effects include: inability to stop smiling and marked improvement in disposition.
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Context feels better already.  Look over the other comments too.