November 3rd, 2008

Bear Nuts

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We haven't seen many metaquotes from ursulav recently:

I think I missed it. I know I was working in my studio at various points in the weekend, I know I went out, but for some reason this morning I looked out the studio window and went "WHOA! When did that happen?!" Everything's going gold and orange and burgandy--still with green undertones, but it's past the tipping point into what my brain reads as "Fall Colors." I'm sure it didn't sneak up on me--I can't imagine the trees were lurking, ninja-like, until my back was turned, and then suddenly changed their leaves, perhaps with little tree-y screams of "Pink Maple Blinds The Tiger!" and "Chromatic Crane Falls From Above!" or whatever trees would call that particular move.*

*This is a better image than the first one that came to mind, which involved the trees looking awfully constipated, and which my brain furnished with disturbing sound effects.

Context apparently has sapient pear trees in its backyard.
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trishalynn relates an interesting pick-up line:

Just to round out the weirdness, I was wearing a lace collared top over a black bra, blue jeans, and ankle boots on Saturday night when I stepped out of the manga convention hotel with my badge pinned in the middle of my V-neck collar to have a cigarette. Outside smoking in the cold were the remnants of a wedding party that had gone all over the place in search of alcohol and wound up at our hotel. Before I had a chance to snap out my lighter, a dapper-looking gentleman lit my cigarette for me, and started to chat me up.

His very first line?

"So, are you in this Japanese porn thing?"
Context is like a Disney version of a fetish ball. From the comments in ursulav's journal, QWP.