October 29th, 2008


rhiann31 focuses on the important things...

I can't believe that I'm actually watching baseball. Damn you Phillies! I'm actually cheering for you (still amazing bc I don't care about nor really know much about baseball - Huz had to clear up "top" and "bottom" of the inning for me...see? okay.) You'd better finish this up tonight, my poor little heart can't take it!!!

HOLY S"H"IT!!!! They did it!!! They fucking won!!!!! OMG!!!!!

ETA: first of all, I'm not going to fix my typos - I was totally watching and was that excited.

Second: What do the Phillies do immediately after winning the World Series? Go and form a huge man-pile in the middle of the field. Is that how this usually goes? Maybe I should watch baseball more often.

Context is having champagne with cheesesteak and Tastykakes.
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fadethecat is visited by the sandman:

The trend of dreaming about political figures seems to be continuing. Senator Obama explained very nicely that while he appreciated the thought, us granting him the power of super-speed ("Like the Flash, senator!") would not, in fact, help him increase his lead in the polls, and would definitely not let him win Texas.
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There is a distinct whiff of pork in smaugchow's LJ....

Angel: Get the grilled chicken sandwich. With no mayo. It's better for you.
Devil: Bacon! Bacon Bacon Bacon Bacon BACON!
Angel: Kiss my winged ass, Devil! That Baconator sandwich is disgusting!
Devil: Bacon! Bay! Con! Bay Con! BACON BACON BACON!
Angel: OK, get the spicy chicken sandwich. Its develish enough.
Angel: Don't do it, fat boy!

Me: I'll have the Baconator combo, please.

Angel: Pussy.
Devil: Don't talk to my bitch like that.

Public; Context doesn't even have shoulders....
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akabachi has scented conversations:

So, I'm short.
Really short. Abnormally short.
Which is cool for the most part. I get to say "I'm not short, I'm FUN SIZED" a lot. Which is one of my favourite things to say.

But my height puts me at awkward levels with a lot of people. If you're over average high, I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to your CROTCH.

No, not fun.

I would just like to request for the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD to keep their naughty bits clean, please. For the sake of people my height.

And for Christ's sake, if your vajayjay disperses the smell of PARMESAN CHEESE like an air freshener,
seek medical attention.


Context smells like an Italian restaurant. Locked, QWP.