October 26th, 2008


On Sides In The Marvel Universe


[info]proteus_lives : Of course the little league would win if Cap was to lead them. As I've said before, Cap could lead a army of girl-scouts off the beaches of Normandy and then they would stab forward 50 klicks and soundly defeat an SS panzer division.

Of course he talked them into it Spidey! If Captain America shows up at your doorstep and asks for your help, you don't ask what for, you say "Thanks for thinking of me, Cap!" then you put on your fucking coat.

If you find yourself in a conflict with friends and enemies over a government bill/social change/conflict of any type, how do you know you're on the wrong side? If your side doesn't have Steve -By-God Rogers.


erikred  :
Vote Steve Rogers: He's the one man as old as McCain who still makes sense.

Context fangirls Captain America like whoa.  And so do I, by dog!


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bostonsbetter comes up with a certain diagnostic test...

*inspired by the daily show

Have you heard Sarah Palin talk about how she loves to visit little pockets of Pro-America? Have you wondered if you were pro-America or anti-America? As John Stewart said, it can get confusing- What if you're a farmer, but live in Massachusetts? What if you live in NYC, but still dislike Muslims? Well, I'm here to help. Simply give yourself points and take away points based on the conditions in each category below. If at the end of the test, you have a negative score, you are anti-America. If you have a positive score, go buy yourself a gun and some apple pie- you're pro-America!

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Context thinks it's just G-d hugging us tighter

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