October 24th, 2008

dark goat

Lunatic calendars

In linguaphiles, a post on non-Latin month-names in different languages. miconazole invents some for Australia:

Australian months:

January: You Lawn Is Dead Just Accept It Month
February: Thank Your Deity For Air Conditioning Month
March: It's Okay To Go Outside Again Month
April: The Trees Here Don't Change Colour Month
May: Ritual Kangaroo Wrangling Month
June: It's Not That Cold But Your House Has No Heating Month
July: Surprise! Your Yard Is Flooded Month
August: I Feel My Allergy Sense Tingling Month
September: Wildflowers Are Blooming Month
October: Watch Out For Homicidal Magpies Month
November: British Tourists Collapse From Heatstroke Month
December: Eat Colonial Winter Food In Summer Month

Context has more for Baltimore.
bush desu (politics)

Where After Up

In response to a recent "whoops" from the ex-oracle, bossgoji delivers a pungent parable about a boy, a ball, and a bull-market:
And so the boy, now a man, went before the highest authority in all the land, carrying his little red ball, and said to the governors and chieftains and merchant-lords and aristocrats, “I can show you wealth beyond measure.” And so, with their eyes upon him, he climbed to the highest building in all the land, and with every once of strength in his body flung his ball towards the Earth.

The ball hit the ground.

It bounced.

And it soared into the sky so high that it didn't come down. And to these men, awestruck at the sight they had paid witness to, he said, with a smirk creasing his face: “Gentlemen, this is the Market.”

Gentlemen, behold: the context.
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