October 23rd, 2008

washington monument

remember, each of us has a unique and special talent.

hwrnmnbsol takes it upon himself to describe Sarah Palin's:

I, too, am impressed with Sarah Palin. Not in a way that makes me think she should be serving in public office, but she is nevertheless impressive. She has shown considerable poise even after doses of deserved public ridicule have been heaped upon her; she is amazingly singleminded in her determination to push her causes and advance the party line; she has managed to win the unshakeable loyalty of a small but important subset of the Republican Party (that would be the Crazy Segment). These things are impressive, and not just anybody could do them.

If my neighbor were to continue his irritating habit from last year of staying up until late at night playing Bootsy Collins at unhealthily high volumes, I would want Sarah Palin around. I would ask her to take on the task of confronting my neighbor at regular intervals and getting in his face until he agreed to stop his antisocial funk-blasting ways. And Sarah Palin would be ideal for the job; she would get up in his grille, confrontational but not violent, folksy but sarcastic, and she would not ever stop until my neighbor agreed to limit his Parliament-listening to between the hours of 10AM and 4PM on weekdays. Sarah Palin would be a wonderful ball-buster, and that's an impressive thing to be. But that's not the same job as Vice President.

Context is impressed. QWP.