October 20th, 2008

love and fear

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valknott comments on the presidential race:

(title:) Obama Must be the Smartest Man Alive...
(post:)... because although he is secretly a Muslim born outside of America who favors killing babies (infanticide) and is a socialist/communist who hangs around domestic terrorists (Ayers) and hates whites (Rev. Wright), and although he is the "most liberal leftist rock star celebrity in the vein of Hitler who ignored the troops in Germany" who thinks everyone is bitter and clings to their religion and guns (which he will take away), and although he is clearly un-American (flag pin and pledge of Allegiance) and has less experience than a dimwitted barbie doll governor from Alaska and is engineering a major voting fraud with ACORN that will win the election by cheating, via a suspicious $150 million raised last month which obviously must come from foreign terrorist sympathizers, yes, isn't it amazing that DESPITE ALL THESE THINGS, he managed to bamboozle countless congresspeople, mayors, governors, a couple ex-presidents, and yes even Colin Powell into supporting him? I mean, jeez, regardless of whether you like him or hate him, isn't that astounding? What incredible smarts he must have in order to convince all these people to support him! Why, he must be a Rasputin, Svengali, Casanova, and Dale Carnegie all wrapped up in one! How clever he is to pull the wool over everyone's eyes on all these nefarious activities. I mean, not a single one of these people saw through him! Astounding.

Context missed the sarcasm.
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