October 19th, 2008


Days since active_apathy's last post: 87. Nanoseconds before being metaquoted: the usual

So: compulsory, mandatory, nation-wide, ISP-level Interwebbernargletubernet filtering. Remember when I said their test in Tasmania would fail horribly, then they'd realise it was a daft idea and never actually do it?

Not so much.


Kate Monster: The Internet is really really great
Trekkie Monster: For p-
Kevin Monster: *scampers away with a roll of duct tape*

Context assumes you know who the PM of Australia is, not that it's necessary to Teh Funny.

You will still live long enough - to serve Dr. Doom!

Daredevil's moniker is the Man Without Fear.  Doctor Doom doesn't have a moniker, but everyone knows he's the armored dictator of Latveria.

wal_lace  : Though his words are harsh, I see a tragic loneliness in those shadowed eyes. The loneliness of a man who chose to armour himself against the world - and armoured himself so well that he no longer allows himself to feel.

But that armour is forged not just of iron, but of terror - the terror he inspires in all around him. So perhaps - just perhaps - it can be breached... by a man without fear.

[[Different thread, same post.]]

chainsaw_girl  : you know, considering the mortality rate of the women that sleep with Daredevil, maybe Daredevil has figured out the best way to defeat Doom.

is in stitches over a certain panel.  Good grief, Doom really does want everyone.

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Over at ontd_political...

valencianbelle interprets the McCain campaign's "message of the future:"

YOU HAVE NO MESSAGE. ALL YOU DO IS TALK ABOUT OBAMA! wait... If your message is the message of the future, and all you do is talk about Obama, then according to you, Obama is the future.



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