October 18th, 2008

Girl Guides

Three movies in a nutshell

fluffy_cloud was trying to sum up Titanic, Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Princess Bride for friends who hadn't seen any of the three:
Dr. Frankenfurter and Buttercup are crossing the Atlantic on a luxury liner. Everyday, Buttercup would demand that Frankenfurter stop prancing around in women's underwear and get a real job for heaven's sake.

Frankenfurter would reply to Buttercup's demands with a simple "As you wish."

One day, Buttercup was amazed to discover that when Frankenfurter said "As you wish," what he truly meant was "I want to mind control you so I can dress you up in women's underwear and do a fabulous song and dance number with you." Sadly, before Frankenfurter could put on his floor-show in the ship's theater, which would have greatly entertained Prince Humperdink who wanted to kill him, their ship sank.

Glug. Glug.

The End.

QWP but not doing the meme
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