October 13th, 2008

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And as I was talking to Shelly, she brought up a very good point.
She said that maybe we don't have boundaries.
We're surrounded by people in this world who talk about their limits.
"If this doesn't come through, I'm going to snap!"
"If I can't get this day off, I'm quitting!" -stuff like that. She works at a massage therapy school and sees people quit all the time because they said it was too hard.
But suppose graduating were as important to them as my family was to me. And quitting was simply not an option, no matter how bad it got.
-They would graduate.

People in this world do commit suicide, and lose their sanity, or slowly kill themselves passively with addiction of some kind because they don't think they can take it any longer. We can't judge their actions because it's not our place. Who's to tell someone with a trial different from their own that they just need to be stronger, and they could have made it, and been happy?
Of course nobody's going to say that (if they have any sense at all) because that's an issue between the individual and God. If people knew they didn't have boundaries and truly believed that, they wouldn't commit suicide, they'd see it through as best they could. But we believe those boundaries are there because we see others losing it in their own lives, we read about it in the paper, some of us see it in our own families.
Shelly wondered if maybe we set our own boundaries. That we decide for ourselves what we can and can't handle, -and that it isn't really true.
But when the limits we believe we have are pushed and stretched to a certain point, -some people lose it. (Maybe because they gave power to their boundaries by believing in them?)

Oliver joined in at some point briefly and added that maybe we have trials so we can learn for ourselves that we have no boundaries.

(Context is boundless. QWP.)

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bayfield :  Tony+Armor = OTP.
Peter+Symbiote = OTP.

Tony+Peter+Armor+Symbiote = Inevitable?

galamb_borong : "On some level, I'm Tony. I've known his every thought; felt his every action. I know how Tony feels, Peter, and I know his feelings about you. However, unlike Tony, I'm not afraid to act on them..."

kirke_novak : 

galamb_borong :
That's it Peter, you just keep on doing that.

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emerald084 : Their love is so METAL!
And cold
And pinches terribly if the hatches close on you.

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</b></a>transemacabre :This storyline reminds me to keep a wary eye on my toaster and iPod. Turn your back on them for a moment, they gain sentience and try to molest you. Damn machines.

Context has trouble believing the amount of subtext involved when it comes to Iron Man's Living Armor.