October 10th, 2008

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missandrony sums up the second presidential debate for those who missed it

BROKAW: Since I, like most of the American people watching this drivel, desperately need a drink right now, let's talk about the time Wall Street got hammered at the company Christmas party and woke up in a cubicle with that ugly chick from Accounting and no idea where their pants went off to.
OBAMA: I propose we cut out the livers of American CEOs! Or something like that!
McCAIN: My friends, I'm going to make a joke about jello because it's the only food I can still chew. :(
BROKAW: Okay, next question....
OBAMA: Wait, I want to make more petty comments about McCain taxes!
BROKAW: And I want you to shut the fuck up, but we can't all get what we want now, can we?
OBAMA: My tax proposal involves locking all the CEOs in America into a cage and making them fight to the death! Many will enter...one will emerge as my Treasury Secretary!
UNCOMMITTED OHIO VOTERS*: *ratchet up dials*

Context has a lot more where that came from
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From scribe_of_stars:
So you heard that the banks of six countries slashed their interest rates simultaneously in an attempt to boost the market, right? Well, there's something you don't know, something that those governments tried to hush up. Immediately after it happened, a blinding flash of light engulfed the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. When it subsided, an athletic-looking, blue-skinned man wearing spandex stood before the stunned investors. He had only one thing to say before flying off, ostensibly to help solve the economic crisis.

"By your rate cuts combined," he declared, "I AM CAPTAIN CREDIT!"
Context has the power of heart.

In a later post, we get the Captain Credit theme song:
Captain Credit! He's our hero!
Gonna take stagnation down to zero!
Gonna help him rend asunder
The mortgage groups who drove us under!

"You'll pay for this, Captain Credit...in monthly installments!"
Both QWP.

the_werefrog predicts the future...

I can see it now... the War or Terror, the Axis of Evil...

... Vladimir Putin, hiding out in the mountains of Alaska, evading capture by the "experts at the Pentagon"...

... the Americans, bombing themselves and their allies in their usual attempt to use brute force to combat a single man who can appear out of nowhere, kung-fu some squaddie into submission, and then disappears again...

... Patriot Act III, granting the US government the authority to, at will, check sheds and outhouses just in case there's a Russian president hiding behind the lawnmower...

... Governor Palin researching the situation and trying to work out a solution, before realising she's managed to replace all relevant text books with copies of the King James Bible...

... America giving up half-way through and decided to go after a vaguely related target instead, as long as it has oil. The US invades Arkansas.

Context, QWP.
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shaenon comments on "No on Prop. 8" ads

"One more thing: the anti-Prop 8 people are fighting the good fight, but they need better advertising. So far I've seen two 'No on Prop 8' ads: a factually correct but bland spot pointing out that the Yes on 8 spots are full of baldfaced lies, and an ad that boils down to, 'Yes, the gays are icky, but we shouldn't discriminate against them, maybe.' Surely we can do better than that. Can't some movie star from liberal Hollywood volunteer to speak up? Think of what you could do with, say, Tom Hanks:

"TOM HANKS: Hi, it's me, Tom Hanks. Remember when I died in 'Philadelphia'? That was really sad, huh? Well, I died because of Proposition 8. Also when I died in 'Saving Private Ryan.' That was Prop 8's fault too. In fact, every vote against marriage equality is a vote for the death of a lovable character played by me, Tommy Hanks. If Prop 8 passes, I can guarantee you that Woody will die in 'Toy Story 3.' Try explaining that one to your kids, assholes."

Context, QWP