October 1st, 2008

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gramarye1971 is a bit afraid.

Very loud crash outside, and suddenly the lights and power are all out.

Except for the fact that the Internet is somehow still working, and periodically some of our smaller electric lights (the Wii power button, the television, nesuphyn's charging mobile) will flicker on before going out again -- and our neighbours across the apartment complex still seem to have their lights on.

Oh, and there's a faint high-pitched whistling noise coming from somewhere outside.

Stephen King, stop writing RPF about me.

Unlocked post, context is the whole thing.
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Ben Franklin- 1776

Cut a spoiler. And uh, for eww.

gwynethfar:Oh yes, the classic, "I didn't personally care for it, therefore it has no intellectual merit," argument. I run into this a lot over one of my favorite books, "As I Lay Dying," which is apparently total shit that a monkey could have written, probably because there were no explosions or car chases in it.

doctoreon: That book must suck. Is there any magic at least?

gwynethfar: No, but a kid accidentallyCollapse )

doctoreon: Wow...that must have been embarrassing. How do you explain that to the cops?

gwynethfar: I would go with my usual, "I have all the necessary permits, officer. They were right here a moment ago."

Context is patting its pockets absentmindedly.
love and fear

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markslj comments on government conspiracy:

the government created homosexuality to take the focus off watergate

hold your drinking water up to the light

if you can see a rainbow STAY AWAY FROM IT

Context couldn't resist the pretty colors.
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