September 25th, 2008

Red Raven
  • xequth

Haven't you heard of the IRA?

ursulav  finds out that green is the colour of her local branch of mobsters:

(It must suck to be a gang when that shade of kelly green is the only color you've got left. Then again, I suppose blue and red and black and silver were already taken by the bigger kids, and the pastel shades are...maybe not so much what you want. But kelly green? What do you call yourselves? The Limes? The Fightin' Veggies? East Side Asparagus, represent!)

All in all, probably lucky to get out with nothing worse than some lost electronics and a sick cat. Otherwise I'd have made a smartass remark to the wrong person and they'd send me to sleep with the avocados.

QWP, represent!