September 24th, 2008

cthulhu for president, why choose a lesser evil?
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S. Chmiss: Ghostwriter

schmiss writes the perfect letter-to-the-editor for the McPalin campaign:

Dear ontd_political,

As a Democratic woman, I'm thrilled with the selection of Sarah Palin. She is a mavericky maverick who corrupted the Washington bridge to results in Iraq with lipstick on her high heels, backwards. Senator Obama is an unqualified arugula who is sexist against moose. In conclusion, Ronald Reagan.

S. Chmiss

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Over at christastrophe , more paradoxes are examined:

"Anyway, and it's been said a jillion times already but I like joining the chorus: isn't it completely hysterical to see so many conservatives having honest debates about exactly how much of this billion dollar bailout is acceptable, when a national health care plan that costs a fraction of the bailout is MARX-FASCI-COMMU-CHE-STALIN-STREISAND horrible? Like, we can't spare a penny so your kids can go to the doctor but, OH God you libtards don't understand that the CEO of Goldman Sachs has a standard of living to which he's grown accustomed and if he doesn't have gold flakes in his eggs in the morning he'll have a heart attack and die and you people will be THE MURDERERS AND WE WILL HUNT YOU and you will blame the one armed man and when the train derails you will run run run through the woods but Tommmy Lee Jones is on to you and "I didn't do it!" "I don't care" and then Batman Forever is fucking UNWATCHABLE."

Context is full of brilliance on the subject of corporate welfare for the rich the bailout. QWP.


The Sparkle that Wouldn't Die

For those still unclear on the differences between Twilight and healthy relationships, _samalander offers a handy-dandy primer:

On Friendships
Boy: I don't like that guy.
Girl: I'm sorry about that, but he's my friend.
Boy: Okay.

Edward: I don't like that guy.
Bella: He's my--
Edward: I took apart your truck so you can never see him again.

QWP (rest of post is in comments). Context wants you to know that it is made of awesome and candy.
ST: Pointless Shot of the Enterprise

forensic_angel does some cartoon math...

And ends up with politics.

In other Rocky & Bullwinkle news I vote Natasha Fatale should run for Vice President. Or maybe even President. I mean how brilliant would that be. Let's have a look at her credentials:

- She's intelligent.
- She's a woman!
- She's good looking.
- She has a strong, although slightly deranged following.
- She works for an old military guy.
- She hunts Moose and Squirrel.
- Depending on the maps drawn each week, she can see Russia from her house...

Wait a minute...

Context is still searching for Moose & Skvirrel. Qwip and all that.