September 21st, 2008

Text: Faux News

Jesus did it.

pennyverse just found out that the Brunswick, NC school board wants to teach creationism along with evolution in class:

No, goddammit. That kind of belief is anti-knowledge - it assumes that we will never develop technology to the point of being able to find out where the universe came from. Science is not afraid to say "We don't know that yet, but we're working on it." We've been able to pinpoint what happened within 10-35 seconds after the Big Bang; there is nothing to say that in the future we will not be able to go further. Creationism, intelligent design - it all spits in the face of curiosity, technology, scientific inquiry, rationality, civilization. It's ridiculous, it's illogical, it's damaging, and if it ever makes its way into public-school science classes as anything other than a cheerful disclaimer to keep the fundies at bay, I will START MY OWN DAMN SCHOOL.


And our motto will be NO, WE'RE NOT TAKING THAT BACK.

Context is reading The God Delusion.

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gwynethfar's reply to this song:

I like the line about God being under attack... as if God can't handle himself. He needs his crew to back him up, in case they have to Take It 2 The Streets.

But then, God would like, throw down with some awesome break dancing or something, and the other crew-- headed up by Osama Bin Laden, naturally-- would be like, "Damn!" And then the Republicans would try to step up, but all they can do is like, country western line dancing. And then Osama's crew would be like, "You got SERVED!" and high five each other.

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Jumping Into The Political Discussion.

penknife isn't quite satisfied:

"McCain could be worse on LGBT issues. He doesn't seem to have a problem with LGBT people, as long as they don't demand equality with straight people in employment, family law, and marriage. He doesn't have a problem with LGBT people serving in the military and risking their lives for our country as long as they keep their mouths shut about who they are and who they love.

That's just not good enough for me.

Context doesn't have a doubt about who to vote for. QWP.
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hellhound- The fact that people want everyone to 'toughen up' and 'get a thick skin' is baffling to me. Why? Why should people get tougher instead of softer?

sieberwing- I mean, if we're going to be walking through a giant flaming thornbush, perhaps we should toughen up, but that does not mean we need to be purposefully throwing flaming thornbushes at people. Because that's mean and we shouldn't do that.

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pink_pet finds out that movie titles can be deceiving...

So I flopped on the couch and watched a movie from HBO On Demand. It was Serenity. It was really good, but I have to warn you--it was not a movie about Buddhist meditation and practice. None of the characters were Buddhist. Only a couple of them practiced non-attachment, but I don't think it made any of them any happier. Most of them were much too focused on suffering, the suffering of others, the suffering of themselves.

So the name was a bit misleading. I'm sure a lot of people went to see it thinking it was the sequel to Seven Years in Tibet or something.

But, once I got over that, I really enjoyed it.

context is qwp'd and searching for enlightenment...
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Suckitude equivalence between music and literature, and more.

malakhai makes her own K-Tel album--Whine Rock--with commentary:

Will To Power - Baby I Love Your Way/Freebird

This is an abomination against classic rock aficionados everywhere. It sums up the loathesomeness of the late 80's. Yet when I hear it I cannot resist singing along. I think this is the musical equivalent of "Twilight".

Patrick Swayze - She's Like The Wind

I thought he'd be bigger.

Benny Mardones - Into the Night

The greatest song ever written about statutory rape. This is the original version, which is so much more kickass than the late 80's remake.

Dan Hill and Vonda Shepard - Can't We Try

This is the dude who sang "Sometimes When We Touch" and he manages to sound even more desparate and whiny on this song than he was on that other one. The pinnacle of horrible and whiny yet irresistable.

Context is locked, QWP, and so cheesy I won't be able to go for a week.
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In response to this entry in politicsforum about the economic bail-out bill, existentme says:

Amazing. A commitment to spend 700 billion dollars explained in 849 words. 849 words vesting all unchecked power to spend all 700 billion of those dollars in...wait for man.

One guy.

The secretary.

That's it.

One guy.

Hell, not only one guy, not just one guy, but one guy appointed by one branch of the government, by one other man in that one branch.

Anyone would think this is insane, except they would be called unpatriotic, or partisan, or a conspiracy theorist.

One guy.
No courts.

I don't like the odds, sorry.

But whatev.
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safe sex, bad puns

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puffpastry answers the age old question "Why are there big words?":

Because once upon a time, the world was filled with little phonemes, all wandering around, lost and helpless, because they were very small, and couldn't do a lot for themselves. Syllables like Res and Im tried to jump into texts and onto billboards to serve their duty as whole words, but they just got laughed at. Poor little Ty and Tious launched campaigns to be taken seriously as vessels of meaning, but no one paid attention. The phonemes hid under bushes and in fields, mumbling to themselves sadly, gradually losing faith that they had any power at all. Every now and then an animal would take interest in one of them, and Ba or Awk would feel renewed self-esteem, but this didn't fix the problem. And then one day, a brave and determined syllable named Co couldn't stand it anymore, and put out a call for a huge gathering of all the phonemes into one place. Every syllable attended, from far and wide, and they filled the huge valley of Frothy Creek, Michigan (in the Upper Peninsula. Population 2,103. Home to Frothy Creek Pudding: America's Favorite Tapioca.). "Listen, my friends", said Co. "We are lonely and frustrated and not working up to our potential as individuals. How can we change this?" "Paxil?" came a wee voice from the side. "No!" stomped Co. "We must GLUE OURSELVES TOGETHER!" "Literally?" asked Ence, worried about the long-term effects of epoxy. "I'm not sure," said Co, "but it's clear we must bond together to have meaning! Why, look what happens if I pull some of you with me into a group!" She grabbed Op, Er and Ate from the front row of the crowd. As they stood close in a line, a golden glow seemed to radiate from them, and an angelic hum (most likely a G major fifth) filled the air. "Ohhhh" gasped all the phonemes, as they beheld the strength and beauty of CoOpErAte. "We want to try!" called out La and Bor, and they nudged Op and Er out of the way to stand between Co and Ate. "Ohhhh!" gasped the crowd again, even more excited at the potential being revealed before their eyes. "Now me, now me!" demanded Pul, strutting up onstage to shove La and Bor aside, "I've ALWAYS felt like if I hung out with Co and Ate, we could thrust ourselves into something HUGE, and...HOT --"
"OOOOOOHHH kay," Co broke away. "I think we all get the idea. So...are we agreed? From now on, big words?" "BIG WORDS!!!" all the syllables chorused, as they danced happily in groups of three, four and five.

And ever since that day...there have been big words.

QWP, Context is Pro and met up with Cre and Ate
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