September 18th, 2008

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When lienne's philosophy notes find themselves on lj!

"Define it one way and your argument doth fall all to shit. Define it the other and your argument basically runs "I think therefore I'm right"."

"I do dread being eradicated from existence and then having my ignorant body tortured. BUT, if my wiped self is implanted into somebody else - hey, at least I'm not being tortured. I just hope my new body is hot."

"Second, saner alternative explanation: Evolution, motherfucker, do you speak it?"

"It's cold in this room."

And they go on! Context has its very own tag.

Two for the price of one!

Firstly, rainbowjehan pwns:

Soujin: Brrrr. That water is cold. I don't think I'll be swimming to-day.
Some Boy Soujin Doesn't Even Know: Wuss.
Soujin: !
Some Boy Soujin Doesn't Even Know: It's not like there are sharks.
Soujin:, but there are fish.
Some Boy Soujin Doesn't Even Know: So?
Soujin: Clearly you have never met these fish before. They tore off my toenails.
Some Boy Soujin Doesn't Even Know: They what?
Soujin: See? *presents nailless toes* They're dangerous fish.
Some Boy Soujin Doesn't Even Know: Nggh.
Soujin's Mama: SOUJIN. STOP SCARING PEOPLE. I'm sorry, she's just a weirdo.

Secondly, cryptile ponders the inconsistent morality of Doctor Who, with hilarious results:

To sidestep the whole slightly morally ambiguous 'oh god you've killed them all' thing that tends to stand out, it's easier to pit him against cosmic horror because A) Evil From The Dawn Of Time is fucking creepy and B) moral/cultural/ethical mores kind of nicely dissipate when your enemy is the gibbering heart of sightless blasphemy and chaos ai ai ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu fhtagn et cetera. No one is going to raise a stink about putting a cap in Azathoth's polyphous ass. Probably because you can't, but the point is that fighting deranged god-beings generally allows you to be the good guy without anyone clambering to suggest that poor Yog-Sothoth was beaten as a grubling.
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christastrophe  examines a paradox in opinions:

"Remember, it's A-OK for the government to break into your e-mails and spy on you and keep secret records of you that it's illegal to even ask about, but if some random idiot on 4chan guesses that "caribou" is your Yahoo password it's THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT."

Context doesn't approve of what anyone's doing.

locutus of bear


rinae's son is growing up so fast:

I've been keeping Final Fantasy 4 Advance in [the Gameboy Advance] and Conrad turns it on and begins to play it.

Mostly he just turns it on and off and flips through menus. Sometimes he uses items on the characters just to hear the sounds. But, today, he did something really nice.

As I lay in my half awake state, I hear him get into a battle. Soon, I hear the noises of the characters fighting. Then, I hear the fanfare and I sit up and look. He won a battle. My son beat some monsters and he isn't even two.

Neph hears this as well and rushes into the room. "Today, my son, you have become a man. You have beaten your first battle in Final Fantasy. Soon, you will beat bosses. Then we will train you to beat Metal Gear."

This is the nerdiest rite of passage ever.

Context couldn't be prouder.

Anonymous gives RPS a whole new meaning

Whoa. It's like a Discedo and Amat Omnes orgy here. OTP?

...Okay, actually, maybe that's an awful idea.

Discedo would be all dark and tormented, and going "omg, it'd never work, I'm just too screwed up for you." and then Amat Omnes would be like "Lol, too bad." and have their way with Discedo. Discedo with stab Amat Omnes with a rusty disease-ridden nail in retaliation, and Amat Omnes would be all "What the hell, man, it was just sex you didn't know you wanted yet! Did you know that if I don't bang hotties like you, I DIE? Bet that weighs down your conscious, bitch."

That went to a weird place.

Context ships post-apocalyptica and erotica and sincerely wishes they didn't.
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Doctor Science

How to play Civileggsation

squidflakes is finally back home, post-Ike. He reports:
The fridge contents were a total loss. Judging from what I found, it seems one of the eggs hatched, started a civilization, was wiped out by alien invaders from the freezer, and tried to claw its way back only to catch fire, and fall in to Lake Cucumber. That's what I've been calling the remains of this thing I think was a cucumber, but is now a lake.

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The Old Testament as a Text Adventure!

chaosvizier, in a comment to hobbitblue:

Greetings, Moses! You have escaped the clutches of Pharaoh!
You have:
40000 Hebrew ex-slaves
You are lost in the desert.
You are lost in the desert.
You are lost in the desert.
You are lost in the desert.
You are lost in the desert.
You are lost in the desert.
You are lost in the desert.
You are lost in the desert.
You are lost in the desert.
You are lost in the desert.
God says, "Forty years, sucka."
Hey, there's a mountain there!
>climb mountain
The view is spectacular. You can see where you came from, and all the lands you've claimed, and there, in the distance, is The Promised Land.
God says "Look but don't touch!"
You are dead.
Play again (Y/N)?

Context will likely be eaten by a grue. QWP.
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