September 16th, 2008


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Frombluesgirly , Will The Real Maverick Please Stand Up

Dear readers, I have had a shocking and dramatic change of heart. John McCain and Sarah Palin have convinced me that overturning Roe v. Wade is a magnificent idea and we must pursue it at once.
John McCain particularly influenced me on this because he is a beacon of character standing up for the rights of the unborn. I’m positive he’s caught on to us miserable sluts having abortions willy-nilly and with the same frequency with which we sneeze. Obviously, we need to be stopped like the runaway trains of death we are. He is a very perceptive man. And, a maverick.
I am a maverick too. Thus, I have a plan~

And please do go and read her entire plan. My cheeks hurt from laughing! It's brilliant!


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On botched HTML in stupid_free:

aubbieincognito: Is it still a link if it is both invisible and unclickable?

playdur: It has linkish qualities.

tomecatti: Could god create a link so invisible, he himself could not click it?

meleth: How many angels can fit through a series of tubes?

tomecatti: I datamine, therefore I am.

meleth: You load 16 gigs, and what d'you get? You're gettin' 18 months older, and more obsolete yet.

tomecatti: The silicon bosses killed you, Gutenberg
I never died, said he.

meleth: "Step into my webring," said the haxx0r to the n00b.

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fear and mangoes in las vegas

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Mr. flemco, on why you might not have water on hand in an emergency:

Maybe you wake up one day and find that your home has been moved to the middle of a vast and unimaginable plain. There is nothing else anywhere. Your uitilities do not work, or, even more horribly, ants pour from the faucet when you turn it on. Giant, purple-black ants, and each of them wear the face of a Chinese infant. "You were born dead," they sing to you as they slowly march toward the corner you've chosen to cower in. "All of your victories have been lies in the mouth of God. Your anguish tastes of sunlight to Him." And they get closer, and closer, and closer, until you scream in hysterical fear and rage and grab a nearby broom and beat beat beat beat beat the little fucks until they're all shattered into near-microscopic shards of opaque crystal, and you realize that no, there's no water coming out of that tap anytime soon.