September 15th, 2008

So In Love

On the Campaign Trail

jessicamariek sums up Sarah Palin's better qualities...

It's like Cruella DeVille mated with The Joker (the evil version, not the omg-so-bishie thing the fandom has warped him into), and their hellspawn studied at the feet of Sauron, took a few PR lessons and got a makeover.

Context is all in the Comments, QWP.

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Tin Heart

Pre-post-modern performance art.


I'm almost afraid to go ahead with my plans for my performance piece entitled "Fire! Fire! Oh God, A Fire! We Are All Going To Die (In A Fire)!" I've already booked the theater and everything.

Well, I haven't really booked it, per se. But I bought a ticket for a seat near the back. I think that by staging my performance from there in the middle of a popular show, I can really make people think about the nature of stagecraft and how our minds define what is or isn't an act.

Context is a ticking bomb.