September 11th, 2008

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Bullwinkle on crack

cbpotts just doesn't know when to stop being snarky wonderful.

"I view moose as one of the creatures that proves to me that not only is there a God, but that he smokes an awful lot of pot. We've moved here from intelligent design to stoned design.

In this theory, we look at things like the giraffe. We look at Rocky Mountain Goats, who settle disputes by racing along rocky cliffs at full speed and smashing their heads together. Taken in the right light, that both a) seems like a good idea and b) is really freakin' funny."

Context discusses Sarah Palin, moose hunting, and baboons red asses. QWP.
eat your brains

Warning - may cause Gothness in unborn children

bellarisa's youngest strikes yet again after a family outing:

Oh, and of course a hawk flew over the parking lot of the waterpark, and Princess B insisted it was a vulture and "there must be a dead body in the Wave Pool, lets go see it before the vulture eats it!"

What. The. Hell. did I eat when I carried this child...

flocked, qwpped.
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science XKCD

since we're not strangelets today, you can read this.

boutell explains why we need an LHC, anyway:

Yes, detectors for naturally occurring cosmic rays have been built, and they have in fact taught us quite a bit. But we can't precisely control what goes into them. Or how energetic it is when it arrives. Or what angle it comes from. Or even when the collision will take place.

It's like trying to learn orthodonture by waiting for an orthodontist to walk by, coincidentally mention that he's an orthodontist, and say something enlightening into his cell phone before wandering out of earshot again. Take notes for a few thousand years and you might have a rough idea how braces work. But going to medical school— an environment in which we can expect to reliably encounter orthodontists under controlled conditions— is a lot more effective.

Now, not having actually been to medical school ourselves, we might worry that going to medical school will result in the creation of a black hole which annihilates our planet. After all, we have not personally tried it, so we don't know firsthand that this won't happen.

However, we do have an abundance of evidence that other people are going to medical school already, all over our planet, every day. So even though we don't know all the ins and outs of retainers yet, we can safely conclude that our planet will not be destroyed by attending medical school.

Context is making metaphors FOR SCIENCE.
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Green Lantern silliness

Over in scans_daily a discussion was had about Rot Lop Fan, the Green Lantern who comes from a species that evolved without eyesight.
sertel posited:

It is quite an interesting story, though I'm glad he chose the sense of hearing and not, well... the sense of smell, taste, or touch. Yeesh. Can you imagine constructs of smells or tastes?

To which jkcarrier replied:

"In sewer drain or garden of rose
No evil shall escape my nose
Let those who think that crime is smart
Beware my power, the Methane Fart!"

Context is here: QWP.

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In a thread on a (wank-infested) post on academics_anon, knut_hamson quips:

It is true that grad school is not the "real world." But that's only because in the "real world," there are laws against the 80-hour work week, and there's a chance you may make money.
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padparadscha has raised the bar on metaphors:

padparadscha has raised the bar on metaphors:

Dear John McCain,

Your judgment: I question the everloving hell out of it. Because your choice for running mate? Batshit. What kind of human being thinks this sort of thing?

This woman needs a conscience, but the ones we have won't do. Sending Jiminy Cricket would be like firing a six-shooter at the Death Star.* We would have to genetically engineer some sort of Jumbo Jiminy, some six-foot-tall hulking cricket with mega armor, who has traded in his umbrella for a bazooka and his spats in for cleats. And we would have to eliminate the need for sleep from him so he could keep an eye on her 24/7.

McCain, on the other hand, needs to go several rounds with the ClueMonster.

*And not even aiming at the weak point.

Not the full post, but you're only missing a few lines. QWP.