September 10th, 2008

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One big blowhard or another

wingchunwarrior responds to a post in my journal about naming hurricanes:

"I think they should continue naming weather phenomena after past presidents, though. We could name a tornado after ol' George. It would be appropriate, because it sucks and then leaves a mess for everyone else to pick up."

Context is locked, but it's my journal, and the comment is QWP. :-)
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Out of the mourhs of...

cbpotts warns everyone about the dangers of speaking aloud in front of your kiddies:

"Moral of the story, especially pertinent to those of you who still have wee sprouts: Children who can't remember where they left their shoes or to flush the toilet on a regular basis will retain bad pseudo-Marxist theory and use it against you at a later date. Be careful."

Context needs coffee in order to backtrack. QWP.
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When one of the Apostle Paul's letters is used to justify sexism, [info]alexandraerin  has to comment:   

So, dude gets some letters selected for inclusion in the Bible and now instead of being treated as the sort of dogmatic hoodoo Protestants protested against in the first place, they get ranked up there with words of Christ.

Can you imagine if some of Paul's other mail had been so preserved?

"I shall now read from the first letter of the Apostle Paul to the editors of the Tarsus Evening Times.

'Yea, there seem to be quite a number of potholes on Main Street, and yet I see the council of elders has voted to spend money on a new baseball diamond. What does it profit a town to gain a baseball diamond if it loseth basic traffic safety?'"



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brokenmellcifer reflects on academic transition:

"The change from undergraduate course work to graduate course work is somewhat of a shock to the system, like someone's doused me with a bucket of cold water. Cold water filled with BOOKS and FISTS."

Context is locked but self-explanatory.
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Yesterday afternoon there was a knock on my door.

Three dogs immediately went batshit, launching themselves at the door, barking and snarling. Karma sounds like a rottweiler when she barks, deep in her chest. Mojo is 25 pounds of snarling Tasmanian Devil, and Magick likes to stand up and put his paws on the front door and bark while looking out the window in the center of the door.

I went to the door, hipchecked Magick aside, put a foot in front of Mojo, grabbed Karma's collar, and opened the door three inches to peer out and ask "can I help you?" Or rather scream it, as all of the dogs continued baying like murderous Hellhounds when I opened the door.

Nice smiling young man on doorstep says something..."YOU'LL HAVE TO SPEAK UP," I shout apologetically.


I think, as I held back the still-batshit dogs (after all I haven't invited him in so he must still need to be barked at, right?), that I actually made the o.0 face.

I was giggling madly as I told him "I THINK WE HAVE THAT COVERED, THANKS."

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