September 5th, 2008

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The Apocalypse Sounds Like...The Disney Channel?

almightyspaz and memorysdaughter speculate about the sounds of the apocalypse.

NOOOO! The Jonas Brothers got to House!!!!
Is no one safe from those three horseman of the Apocalypse? (Miley Cyrus is the fourth)

*blushes* I actually maybe sort of kind of listen to Miley Cyrus. I blame my 12-year-old sister.

Well, I have a niece so I've heard some of the songs. But still, harbinger of the world ending I say.

And they're going to do it with a pleasant, pop-ish beat! :)

[B]etter than the screaming sounds of Death Metal. I've always said, Death Metal isn't the music of Satan, cheesy pop is!

I've always imagined bagpipes to be in there somewhere too.

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Paralympic Strength (from the or deep category)

In other news - At the Dining Hall today, we saw someone from the Chinese
team eat rice with chopsticks. Nothing strange, I suppose--except that this
guy was eating with his feet. Seriously cool. Any Paralympic Village
is stocked full with people like this, who have overcome the most
debilitating setbacks in the most incredible ways. I know the motto "adapt
and overcome" belongs to the Marines, but I think the Paralympics should
give serious thought to adopting some version of it, because when you come
right down to it, that's what this whole thing is about. Adapt, overcome.
Leave your obstacles in the dust, rise above them. Citius, Altius,
Fortius. Faster, Higher, Stronger.

The blind athletes never cease to amaze me. Olympic Hall of Famer John Morgan was a regular swimmer before an accident in a gym blinded him. "I felt like I was diving into a void," he said.
That's what it is like for every blind or visually impaired athlete
competing here in Beijing. Even for those who can make out light and dark,
different blurs, etc, it's still taking a huge leap of faith. Blind runners
and cyclists have guides running or riding with them, which are formally
called "pilots" but it's still hard to throw yourself into something like
that full tilt without knowing for sure what lies ahead. Swimmers
have no guides. Goalball players have no guides. I don't know how Visually
Impaired Judo works, but I'd bet a lot that when they step onto the mats,
they are on their own. What strength of character that must take!

Context is an archer blogging from the Paralympics in Beijing.

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What bothers me is not that Palin tried to get her ex-brother-in-law fired. It's that, as the governor of the state of Alaska, she tried to get her ex-brother-in-law fired from a state job and failed.

She couldn't even get a librarian fired, for fuck's sake.

I mean, c'mon. Do the Republicans really want someone who is so ineptly evil that close to the presidency--especially when you consider how expertly evil they've been for the past eight years, what with the rampant cronyism and the abuse of authority and the "signing statements" and buck-passing scandal after buck passing scandal from the "accountability administration"?

She's just not ready to abuse that kind of power.

–the inimitable hardvice, here
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paraLOLmal investigations


When I watch TV, I usually watch the Sci-Fi channel. Two of my favorite shows are Ghosthunters and Destination Truth because nothing ever happens. In the former two intrepid plumbers stumble through the night, with lights off, employing fancy equipment to seek proof of ghosts, Actually, they never explained why they do it at night. Perhaps ghosts lack sunscreen so they prefer night. I assume they turn off the lights to conserve energy. Inevitably, they find nothing. They do sometimes hear a strange noise, but that proves nothing. Consider how many strange noises were heard at the two political conventions.

Destination Truth is of the same ilk. Our intrepid explorer, with his merry band, go to the four corners of the World in search of mythical beasts. This raises several questions. How does the World, a spheroid, have corners? If they are mythical beasts won't they be hard to see? What does his cohort, the lovely Aracelli, do besides looking good while not seemingly doing anything? Undaunted by these questions he continues his quest. Inevitably, he finds nothing but that all pervasive occasional strange noise.

One might ask why I like these shows in light of their approximate 100% failure rate to find anything. Somehow, I find it refreshing to see acknowledgment of the fact that when you look for something that isn't there, you don't find it. And, this deeply into the political funny season, I love the idea of strange noises being relegated to the Sci-Fi Channel.

There is No Context. Just some spooky creaking.
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Never again!

nihilistic_kid proposes:

A time travel story in which an intrepid adventurer heads back to Weimar Germany and integrates himself into the fledgling Nazi movement. Once entrenched he commits street crimes, participates in occult rituals, and eventually becomes a seemingly enthusiastic architect for the death camps, but only for one reason:

to make sure that the legend over the gates of Auschwitz and other camps reads EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON so that when he returns to his own timestream, his grandmother (and everyone else) will be too embarrassed to say such a thing.

Original post still believes that work will set it free.
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