August 31st, 2008

Tudor rose

"Let's go to the movies...." ::little dance:::

faheud saw that which he cannot unsee:

So far beyond suckage that the light from Eternal Suckage takes two billion years to arrive. It was the best of trailers and the worst of films. It was, to the film industry, what Pineapple-Upside-Down-Liver-Pudding is to the Fast Food World. Aside from a pressing desire to go back in time and erase Ben Stiller with a Shop-Vac, I am left to ponder the sad state of modern entertainment until the very sands of time and drinking of strong beverages can erase the memory.

Context really didn't like Tropic Thunder. QWP.

Fashion With agenttrojie

agenttrojie discusses things that shouldn't be worn:

Wearing a white cotton skirt and flip-flops in a CLOUDBURST is not practical either, Miss B. You will get wet, and then we can all see what, for lack of a more expansive term, I shall simply refer to as your anatomy. Equator. Whatever. While I sympathise with your spherical shape, oh sister in circumference, for I suffer from it myself, the difference between you and I is that *I* know NOT to wear a white cotton skirt in the rain. Or ever.

QWP, Context knows the clothing don'ts.
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sushi vengeance

lady_rilwen tries to drink coffee.

So. You will be enlightened to know that I cannot bear drinking coffee. My latest attempt was fruitless.

Oh, I have always longed to be one of the caffeine-enriched, those lucky souls who speak so lovingly of the hot beverages that revitalise and energise them. They are like mages of some sort, finding mana to give them strength to endure the world, even in those itty-bitty nasty hours that turn normal people bleary-eyed and droopy.

I have longed for that sudden buzz, the way they seem to come alive after imbibing this mysterious substance. And yet...I cannot.

Oh, I envy them, but when it comes to that vital moment, I shrink back. The smell repels me. My cautious sips bring me only grimaces of distaste.

Now, to the details of my most recent attempt; this very night. My mother brought home powders to create mudcake-flavoured lattes. One merely opens a single tube of it and adds boiling water, combined with some milk. I saw my sister's enjoyment. I smelled the powder, and it cried out to my ancient weakness:

Chocolate. This treacherous substance had the perfidy to carry a tempting chocolate scent.

Context is longer, and tempted by coffee. QWP
Renoir Knew Beauty

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hotcoffeems on her kitty:
[I]t would seem that she actually prefers the taste of the paint water to the regular fresh water she is given, and I routinely have to remove her from hte table where I work, and sometimes forcibly have to remove her had from the water jar while she frantically sucks it down, to no visible ill effect. Not only is she an agent of evil, she is a weird agent of evil.

Context is flocked, QWP.