August 30th, 2008

  • degram

You are the Love Connection

Dear metaquotes,

I hope this post falls into the category of forgiveably ruel-braking:
(Mods' Note: Yes, we may delete off-topic, unfunny, or rule-breaking posts, and we may ban users who can't follow the rules or who repeatedly give us grief. However, we may also make exceptions, because this is a fun com and we're nice that way.)

This is just to say that two metaquoters, that is to say, two people who met through metaquotes, specifically, this entry are now, in real life, together. Like, "doing it," and everything. Sharing tea. Taking long walks on the beach. Saying ridiculous things to one another in the heat of certain moments.

The fact that he lives in Australia and I, in Ohio, was apparently of small consequence, thanks to Seeker's, uh, capacity for doing weird things. He thinks nothing of hitting you in the head with a tinfoil ball of molten cheese, and nothing (it seems) of traveling across the world for some nookie.

So, thank you, metaquotes. You are officially (though probably not for the first time) the best matchmaker EVER.