August 27th, 2008

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Arts & Crafts Time at Arkham Asylum.

midnightvoyager suggests Arts & Crafts at Arkham:
"CROC! Stop pouring glitter on Two-Face's outfit! HATTER, stop gluing Batman head sketches to both sides of his coin! You know how he gets when both sides aren't different! Christ, what is it, 'annoy Two-Face' day-? HEY, stop trying to melt Freeze's ice sculpture of Nora! He's going to freeze your ass shut if you do it again, and I think I might let him- OH CHRIST WHO LET JOKER HAVE PENCILS!?"

(misc) belle gaston face swap

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A Twilight Youtube kerfluffle on Fandom Wank takes a nostalgic turn:

anonymous: Once upon a time, there was a thing such as metaphor and hyperbole, and comments on things such as t-shirt burning would be nothing but an exaggeration.

Sometimes, if I think really hard, I almost feel like I can remember those days.

jaythenerdkid: Wait, those days existed? I thought they were only a myth.

anonymous: Ah, yes, take a seat, and I shall tell you of the days in which different sentiments were discussed in person, and one had to face the consequences of their actions on a daily basis. In these days "batshit" literally meant the shit of bats, and flame wars were conducted via snail mail or newspaper editorials. It gave people some time to cool off between firing off responses.

jaythenerdkid: Please, that's all crazy talk.

anonymous: And Michael Jackson? He was black.

jaythenerdkid: Now I know you're making this stuff up.

Public post; context is dazzling!