August 26th, 2008


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msmcknittington, in steamfashion:

People don't walk into Sergenian's to buy a dining table and say, "Yes, this table will allow me to live a genuine lifestyle, unfettered by the lion-clawed monstrosities of my parent's generation." No, they say, "Oh, hey, honey, this table will go with those chairs your grandmother gave us when she moved into the nursing home."


Is this an application of the "Not A Unique Snowflake" Principle?

turnberryknkn, M.D., comments in my journal:
I think 30% of my adult/teenage case load through the years consisted of patients who ended up under our care because somehow they thought various facts somehow didn't apply to them. Such as...
  • Yes, chronic smoking *does* cause lung cancer
  • Yes obesity *does* lead to heart disease
  • and diabetes
  • And speaking of diabetes, failure to take your insulin regularly and control your blood sugars *does* lead to blindness, toes rotting off, and other badness...
And that would just be the last two weeks on service...

Context has a few other items in the list.

All aboard the failboat!

house_pundit dishes out the criticism:

You are so full of fail you could pump fail and export it for the next century and still not run out. You are so full of fail that you drop the market price of fail to a point where natural exporters can't afford to pump their own and have to import from you. You are so full of fail that if fail were oil, you could pump it for five bucks a barrel, sell it for eight, and own the whole damned world in ten years. You are so full of fail that loser, nutbar morons the world over bow in homage and kneel at your feet.

You. Fail.

(context is analysing how not to improve a country. Flocked, QWP)
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nanuq459 in fanficrants in response to a rant about sudden love confessions:

Been there, done that, WEARING the T-shirt.

Seriously, we were friends for a long time but then she cornered me, asked if I had feelings for her, and then it was pretty much:
Me: Let's see if this works ou--

Context has had enough of spontaneous romances. QWP.